EKO Alll Star Game 2020

The All-Star Game is the largest basketball festival in Greece and is organized by the ESAK and the PSAK. This year it took place on the 7-9 February for 24th time at the Closed Gym of Heraklion. Following on from a successful show in 2019, Next Mile Ltd was asked to take charge of the Event once again for 2020. This time the aim of Next Mile Ltd was not only to exceed the expectations of the previous year but to additionally develop the marketing strategy of this global event in order to enhance the brand awareness of the product and overall lasting image on its spectators.

This was done through a revamp on the communications strategy plan. Next Mile Ltd wanted to bring back all of the past unique moments that occurred within All Star Games, highlight special moments and focus on the overall product that this event focuses on: bringing people together for the love of basketball. We wanted to encourage people to be a part of the show, whether they physically attended the event or through the comfort of their own home.

The All Star Game is a great celebration with proven success rate over the last 24 years. It is a basketball festival and the true goal is every year is to offer unique emotions so that the audience can look forward to coming back every year!

EKO All Star Game 2020 –The Mini Movie

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