EKO Alll Star Game 2019

The EKO All Star Game 2019, the largest celebration of professional basketball stars and overall the largest basketball celebration in Greece, took place in Thessaloniki on the weekend of 8-10 February 2019.

Next Mile Ltd was in charge of handling the Event Management as well as the creative content for Social media and coverage throughout this mega sporting event. The goal was to create buzz all around the EKO All Star Game 2019 to attract viewers, cover all events with static / video material (Posts on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter), interviews for all actions and Videos behind the scenes (YouTube, Facebook / Instagram / Twitter). The multimedia plan that was designed was fully responsive to the requirements of the organization and was adapted with great flexibility wherever needed.

The most important component of success for an event is the seamless planning and coordination of all actions / parts to achieve the perfect result. Next Mile Ltd committed to this goal implementing the appropriate industry experts as well as professionalism, dedication, deadlines and attention to detail, managed to fully coordinate and execute the original idea beyond what was initially expected.

EKO Alll Star Game 2019 –The Mini Movie

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